Bringing a community together can be challenging, but a happy and healthy society grows success. As cities and towns face the many difficulties of building a robust community, individuals must recognize the multiple benefits of a joined community. Here are just a few of the many potential benefits of strong community building.


Sense of Belonging

One of the major benefits of community building activities is that individual members gain a sense of belonging. Community building can develop a sense of dignity, and restore one’s sense of significance and relevance in their town. Having a shared cause provides people with a sense of momentum and purpose.


Greater Influence

Taking part in community building activities allows individuals to have greater influence within their town. Being able to participate in a group allows each member to have a more significant impact than if they were alone. Additionally, community building activities allow members to explore ideas with others who they previously would not have been able to. Furthermore, influence can be one of the most critical tools for impact.


New Ideas

By bringing the community together, innovation grows. Organizing comes with innovation that would not typically occur.  Communities rather than individuals are the fundamental part of sustained innovation. Bringing together a diverse community is the best way to come up with truly innovative ideas.


Networking Opportunities

Networking is another great benefit of community building. Whether you want to land your dream job or build more connections, networking is critical to success. Networking is all about community building, not making transactions. Networking should be about meeting new people and building relationships. One day, those connections may lead to greater opportunities. Community building grows stronger connections than typically networking event because most attendees have the same question: What can you do for me?


Builds Friendships

Other than networking from a business perspective, community building also grows friendships. Whether you make friends from working on a project together, sharing the same values, or by brainstorming new ideas, it’s always nice to develop friendships with those in your community.


Communities are networks with shared ideas, and by bringing the community together, we can create healthier and happier towns. These are just five of the many benefits from community building.